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Jordan Stambaugh (Owner of Local Plumbers Marketing) is an entrepreneur and internet marketing expert with 15 years of marketing experience. He specializes in consulting for the home services industry. Since 2010 he has focused his expertise around the home services niche and has helped hundreds of business owners in the following industries: Plumbers (Residential & Commercial) Roofing (Residential & Commercial),  HVAC, House Flippers,  Handymen. 

Jordan has helped these niches start and/or grow these these home service businesses using proven marketing tactics focused around creating predictable, high profit companies. His focus is on startups and those that have have struggled to maintain a predictable, profitable business & scale past six figures into 7 figures. He helps his clients to reach success through life coaching and business training.

Jordan’s clients are able to create efficient, predictable businesses & transcend out of their current situations & into their desired situations using the right business systems.

Jordan with his wife Kelli in Iceland.

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